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SRA is closely monitoring court closures and access restrictions nationwide and has proactively implemented a variety of contingent processes to maintain the level of service that you’ve come to expect. Even with these contingencies in place, you may see a degradation of service in certain regions as government officials continue to close or curtail access to government offices and online systems which impact our ability to provide court research services. 

In order to apprise our customers of current closures which may affect our court research services, we are updating this page regularly with information on court closures and possible delays. Please note that while we are providing the best available information we have, due to the ever-changing nature of events related to COVID-19, accuracy is not guaranteed.  

We remain dedicated to providing your business with accurate and timely court research services and appreciate your trust in Appriss Insights during these challenging times.  

***All new updates are bolded below***
Court Closures & Delays

Yuma AZ 02/25/2021 N/A MEDIUM Delays should be expected, courts are suffering staff shortages currently.
ALL Alaska 5/6/2021 N/A HIGH All Pats are down. Clerks are not assisting.
Multiple CA 04/22/2021 TBD MEDIUM Counties throughout the state are open, However are severely limiting public entrance. We should expect significant delays in processing, particularly in areas that require clerk assistance.
Multiple GA 05/14/2021 TBD HIGH DELAYED, allowing limited access or appointments only:  Atkinson, Bacon, Baldwin, Berrien, Bibb, Butts, Bryan,  Calhoun, Clayton, Cobb, Dade, DeKalb, Elbert, Floyd, Franklin, Gilmer, Glascock, Gordon, Grady, Greene, Gwinnett, Haralson, Harris, Houston, Jasper, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, Lanier, Laurens, Lee, Lowndes, Macon, McDuffie, Miller, Montgomery, Murray, Newton, Oglethorpe, Pulaski, Rabun, Seminole, Stewart, Talbot, Tattnall,   Terrell, Toombs, Turner, Walton, Washington, Webster, Wheeler, and Whitfield

CLOSED: Butts. Twigg – Pat is down until further notice, unable to perform searchs.

We will provide updates on these courts, as available.

Multiple KY 04/22/2021 Multiple HIGH We have been notified that due to the increase in Covid 19 cases in Kentucky, the Administrative office of the Courts (AOC) sent down an order to all the county courts that access will be severely restricted until further notice. Per the order public access is no longer allowed. This being said, certain counties still allow researchers to make appointments to utilize the Public Access system (PAT) while other courts are interpreting this order as NO public access. We will provide updates on jurisdictions as they are available.

-CLOSED until further notice (NO access): , Estill, Hardin, Hopkins , Lyon , Nelson, and Washington

-CLOSED until no longer labeled as “Red Zone”: Gallatin, Knox, Laurel (possibly May 1st appointments may resume)

Court remains closed, however, clerks are assisting with completing CLEARS ONLY: Boyd and Perry

-Many other counties are closed, however, our runner has access and/or clerks are assisting. Delays should be expected in any counties not listed above.

 ALL KY 11/23/2020 TBD HIGH Due to the increasing spread of COVID throughout the state, the Chief Justice has issued new guidance for court operations. Counties that are in COVID “Red Zones” are encouraged to halt all in-person activities, and are advising clerk’s offices to close. Currently, there are over 50 counties affected, limiting in-person access, or only allowing searches to be performed with clerk assistance. We expect delays throughout the state.

As a result, we anticipate significant delays in processing throughout the state, and counties affected by this guidance to fluctuate on a weekly basis. A list of these Red Zone counties can be found by following the link below.


The following courts are closed, however, we do currently have limited access in the following counties: Bristol, Hampden, and Middlesex. Delays should be expected in these areas.

Suffolk: Court is closed to the public, however, they are assisting when they are able. This court is currently extremely short staffed, therefore, severe delays should be expected.

Multiple MI 04/19/2021 High The State of Michigan is now reporting the highest # of covid 19 cases in the U.S.  We are at about 7000 Covid positive cases a day.  Hospitals are getting full again and there are lots of sick people.   This outbreak has affected everyone including our searchers, the courts and even our staff.  Many courts have been affected and have limited staff due to this surge in Covid 19 case across the State of Michigan.
Multiple NY 04/01/2021 N/A MEDIUM In response to the spread of COVID-19, courts are taking measures to limit public exposure. However, all courts are now open on at least a limited or by appointment basis. We will continue to expedite our pending orders as much as possible, but we still do anticipate longer than normal TATs.
ALL TN 04/19/2021 MULTIPLE HIGH In response to the spread of COVID-19, courts are taking measures to limit public exposure. However, almost all courts are now open on at least a limited or by appointment basis. We will continue to expedite our pending orders as much as possible, but we still do anticipate longer than normal TATs.
Several TX 04/27/2021 TBD MEDIUM Orange: District Court office is closed, any search requiring clerk assistance cannot be processed at this time. Circuit Court is fully functional.

Van Zandt: CLOSED: Court is transitioning from one system to another.

ALL WV 04/22/2021 TBD HIGH Most courts have resumed in-person operations. While we expect researchers will once again have access to conduct research, we also expect TATs will be extended until we are able to process the backlog of orders from the closures as many searches require clerk assistance. We have confirmed that Hampshire, WV has closed to researchers again, but clerks will process requests for a fee. We have also learned that Logan county has closed due to COVID-19 exposure in the courts. Braxton county is now requiring a notarized release from the individual being checked.

CLOSED, however, clerks are assisting: Braxton and Hampshire

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  • This regular update is limited in scope to the jurisdictions in which SRA provides court research services. 
  • Any updates following the time of publication shown above will not be reflected until the next update.  
  • Due to the ever-changing nature of events, SRA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided herein. 
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